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“Driving real change and improvements to Penrith CBD“

Penrith CBD Corporation is funded through a special rate levy collected from local property owners in the CBD.  The Corporation works closely with Penrith City Council and key business partners to assist & support local business owners, retailers and restaurants “unlock the opportunities” and grow their business ready for our cities future.

The CBD Corporation assists through referring local business to Western Sydney Business Centre, Nepean Community College & other local educational and mentoring businesses to “unlock the opportunities” for the CBD businesses through education & skills training.

The CBD Corporation supports small business with rejuvenation projects, working with the property owners and businesses to achieve outcomes of improvements.

The CBD Corporation Calender of events helps activate the CBD bringing awareness and foot traffic for small business.  2015 yearly Penrith Festival achieved crowds over 25,000 in the CBD, strengthening the brand awareness for many local businesses and also saw the Corporation achieve the NSW Tourism Awards finals.

The CBD Corporation Membership is FREE for any business in the CBD area (contact us to see if you fit within the boundaries) the membership is growing with its local database to help us communicate and connect other local businesses.  The membership sponsor is WSBC and they offer 2 FREE health checks for any business that joins.  We work towards building our future city ready for the growth expected with the infrastructure changes, including over 4,000 local new residents living locally in the CBD within the next 2 years.

Local business and residents are encouraged to SHOP & DINE locally in the Penrith CBD, growing the strength of local jobs and the economy for small business.

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Bee Appy! Download our great new app and bee part of the CBD HIVE. Look out for the "tap for deals" in Penrith today.

NSW Tourism Finalist